Hey Witch Doctor Have You Heard the Magic News? The Legendary Cartoons Are Back!

With sales of over 2 million albums, Spotify streaming over 50 million on Witch Doctor alone & a brand new audience on TikTok generating hundreds of millions of plays. Cartoons are to this date, one of Denmark’s biggest musical successes on the international music scene. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know the rest of the song when you say “Ooh ee ooh ah ah”. 

After 20 years of radio silence they are finally back with a new single ‘SHOTS’ released on 24th February.

So why the long break? In the late 90’s, their songs topped the charts all around Europe. In 2001, Cartoons were about to go on a world tour, but 9/11 put an end to those plans, and the world was never quite the same again. 

The band went back to their families and everyday life. What the band didn’t know was that the online world wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Cartoons just yet. Their music was used for the TV show “The Simpson’s”, among game developers & the broader gaming community and many other places.  Cartoons emerged back into the “real world” in 2018, with a short summer tour with a ‘We Love the 90s Music Festival’, and once again they took Denmark by storm!. The social media universe ignited several of the tracks which then went viral on TikTok with hundreds of millions of plays. The biggest hit “Witch Doctor” had 2 billion “tags” on TikTok in 2020. 

This was the start of a new adventure. In 2020 Cartoons and their former producer Kenneth Bager brought the band into the studio again, which resulted in a catchy new single ‘SHOTS’, which is currently simmering as a pre-release on TikTok. The track has been played at clubs and concerts, and the internet is at fever pitch with anticipation to get their hands on the track. 

Press Release Feb 2023 by Music for Dreams

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