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♬ Witch Doctor #ロックダンス – Cartoons


The band has so far sold millions of albums, making them one of the most successful Danish pop bands ever.

The sextet, who use the stage names:

  • Toonie – Lead and Backing Vocals.
  • Sponge – Bass Vocals, Saxophone and Keyboards.
  • Shooter – Guitar and Backing Vocals.
  • Buzz – Double Bass.
  • Puddy – Backing Vocals.
  • Boop – Backing Vocals.

Music is made for you by us. Please check it out.

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Behind the scenes


Sponge aka Jesper Dukholt

Co-founder and genius. He is the strong, tall silent type. Music is his DNA, there is nothing he loves more than sharing the joy that is the world of Cartoons. If you, like Jesper, want some serious joyous partytime in your life – follow this cool guy. Good times – keep them coming – back.

In his spare time he is working on musical film scores and projects with other artists – his personal raison d`etre will always be found in the spectrum of Jazz – known as an accident just waiting to happen.


Madame, aka Karina Skov Iversen

She is the all powerfull mother and manager of Cartoons. She is the one you need to get in contact with -or on the good side of, if you want to hire or work with Cartoons. Do not, really, do not be fooled by her mild exterior she knows how to use a whip and is never afraid to speak her mind. If you think that the brand of Cartoons is something you would like to look more into she is your girl. She takes care of everything Cartoons – be it hiring the band or working together on any other platform. Madame is the quintessential woman – the one that makes it all work and happen.


The Youngster aka Amalie

The Youngster is the So-Me of Cartoons. It is obvious to the naked eye, that her beauty is of another world, but her savvy , and cool, is definitely of this one. The famous french film Amalie – has nothing on the real thing. The Youngster is the the provebial “finger on the puls” in the world of Cartoons. Having grown up with Cartoons makes her uniquely qualified to deal with the classic and new world of Cartoons.The Youngster, by her mer being a modern woman of the times, makes her input all important.


Boop aka Ines Bukic

The ENERGY BOMB of the team. Always ready to do 700 push-ups. She is the personification of love and mildness. Her mind is embracing and caring for everybody. She is FAST & FURIOUS. She is love and harmony. Besides this she is a divine dancer and a holder of creative energies as well. If you have not met her yet, you have one experience to look foreward to.



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